Liam Sauvé
Game Developer
Prisoneers •
Music / Audio / C# / Unity

Can you flip with Scorpian? Can you flop with Rocko? Prisoneers is a co-operative arcade game for two players. Rocko and Scorpion must escape from the police - only they must stick together for they have special Prisoneer collars with grenades attached to them. If they stray too far away from each other... BOOM!

I wrote the music, produced sound effects and wrote some code.

Made at TOJam 2014

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes •

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is a virtual reality asymmetrical party game. One player defuses a bomb while the other players assist by reading the convoluted instuctions.

I wrote the music.

Made at Global Game Jam 2014.

The New York Times Crosswords •
C++ / Objective-C / UIKit

The New York Times Crosswords is among the most subscribed to crossword puzzles in the world. Magmic was responsible for developing the popular mobile applications for The New York Times.

I was tasked with writing a number of feature updates using Apple's native iOS development platform.

Skip-Bo •
C++ / Cocos2d-x / Music / Audio

Skip-Bo is a classic family card game from Mattel.

I was responsible for writing gameplay features, a management system tied into Cocos2D-X's visual components and Game Center integration. I also had the opportunity to work on sound effects and music editing.

Roulette King •
C++ / Cocos2d-x

Roulette King is one of the many succesful casino titles released by Magmic.

I was tasked with adding some QA tools to assist in testing roulette results.

Warcry •
C# / Unity / Music / Audio

Warcry was the final group project I had at college. I served a programming role and produced all of the game's music and sound effects. I made the interactive 3D menu, a cinematic camera and an interactive soundtrack system.


I'm interested in all aspects of game development but I specialize in gameplay programming with strong professional interest in anything audio related. I'm most comfortable in languages commonly associated with game development, notably C++, C# and ActionScript. Professionally, I have experience in Unity3D using C# and Cocos2D-X using C++ along with frequent use of version control in both SVN and GIT.

On a personal level, I take interest in learning libraries, frameworks and engines that utilize C++ such as SFML, SDL, Wwise and the Unreal Engine.

Snowed In Studios •
Software Engineer
Snowed In Studios is an independent, privately-owned video game and interactive media developer based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Magmic •
Studio Game Developer
Magmic is a publisher and development firm leading in social, casual and casino mobile games. Magmic releases original content such as Ka-Glom, Hidden Galaxies and the succesful King series of casino titles as well as licensed brands from The New York Times and Mattel.

I was primarily part of a four-person agile development team while taking every opportunity to hone my game audio skills and assist in game design and prototyping. At Magmic, I was responsible for writing and maintaining gameplay features, cross platform libraries, user interface modules, and patching legacy titles with new updates and features.

Université du Québec •
Contract Audio Provider
The University of Québec is host to the Cyberpsychology Lab. A world class psychology laboratory aiding patients with severe phobias, mental illness and addictions. We used realistic and immersive virtual reality environments such as the CAVE system: an immense, 6-walled chamber designed for complete immersion. At the VR lab, I authored original audio content and integrated it into various 3D engines for use in our virtual reality systems.
Algonquin College •
Advanced Diploma in Game Development

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